Flush mount PV solutions from NGE® feature top tier solar modules, advanced micro inverter technology and industry leading Zilla® fully flashed mounting system. Add a monitoring system and see the performance of each micro inverter and module in your system from any web-connected device. NGE® brings together best-in-class products to simplify installation and provide optimum performance of your PV system. Convenience and efficiency provide savings every step of the way.

(1) 2 Module Kit - $1,115.10
(590 Watts)
Add a monitoring system (+$625)

What's Included

Add a monitoring system

APS Communicator gives you precise monitoring and analysis of each microinverter and module in your installation from any web-connected device.


for $625
at check out

  • TrinaSolar

    Trina modules are the professional's choice for reliability and performance.

  • APS America

    APS microinverters increase solar harvest and ensure maximum efficiency of the array.

  • ZillaRac

    Zilla fully flashed solar
    mounting system makes installations waterproof and secure.

Basic 2 Module Kit includes:

A - (2) Solar Modules
B - (1) Microinverter with Mounting Hardware
C - (4) Zilla® Double Stud Flashing Assemblies
       with L-foot and Mounting Hardware
D - (2) Zilla® Quad Combo rails
E - (4) End Clip Assemblies and
      (4) Zilla® Top Clip Assemblies
F - (4) Splice Bar Assemblies
G - (4) Wire Management Clips
H - (1) APS Monitor / Communicator (Optional)

Additional hardware including splice bars
and top clip assemblies will be included with
orders of 2 or more kits.

The Professional's Choice for Reliability and Performance
NGE has partnered with tier one module manufacturers to bring you high performance products at the best possible price. The advantages of our top tier modules include greater efficiency and higher power output from manufactures that are trusted and tested. With an NGE PV Flush Mount Solution you will enjoy the full benefits of going solar easily and economically.

Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
This means greater individual module performance and therefore better overall array performance as the system is much less affected by shade, module mismatch, soiling, module tilt and orientation — allowing for a variety of system sizes and configurations.
Microinverters operate at low DC voltage which reduces the danger of arc fault events. When there is loss of AC power the system shuts down at the roof rather than at the string inverter which could be inside the home.

Module Level Monitoring

State-of-the-art communication hub plugs into any outlet before the meter to monitor your entire array. The robust wireless Energy Monitoring Analysis (EMA) gives you precise monitoring and analysis of each microinverter and module in your solar installation from any web-connected device.

Strength and Durability
There is absolutely no better way to attach a PV system to a composite shingle roof. The Zilla® Double Stud Base Plate has a pullout strength of over 5200 pounds while the Zilla® Quad Combo rails can withstand even the harshest environment.
The Zilla® Double Stud Flashing includes a unique encapsulated gland washer that provides a waterproof seal to keep your roof well protected from the elements. 

Integrated Grounding
The Zilla® Top Clip provides module-to-module and module-to-rail grounding for greater efficiency and cost savings.

Precise Monitoring from any Web-connected Devise
The APS Monitoring system allows you to monitor the output and performance of each module in your array and your system's total energy production from any web-connected devise. This system allows seamless interfacing between your solar array and the monitoring software gathering real-time information. Track your total power generated and your savings with this best-in-class monitoring solution.